Why outsource?

Payroll can be time consuming, complex and costly for businesses, so our partners will fully manage the process from start to finish ensuring your employees are paid correctly and on time.

Complying with HMRC is essential to a business, so by outsourcing your Payroll the legislative compliance is already managed so that you avoid any Payroll tax penalties and reduce your liability.

Outsourcing Payroll is also a more cost effective and efficient option. An in-house payroll firm with no more than ten people would have to set aside more, per one employee, than a firm with hundreds of workers that outsources its Payroll.

Companies with less than 20 employees often save money by outsourcing payroll because they do not need a full-time worker to handle this duty.

We will get rid of the following pains

  • High compliance and regulatory costs
  • Duplicated back office functions
  • Badly optimised tax structure
  • Overlapping management structures
  • Administrative burden
  • High cost of processing payroll


Save between 2%-5% of your payroll costs and reduce employer liability.

Save or reduce workplace salaries by outsourcing your payroll.


By outsourcing your Payroll to an intermediary your business will benefit in various ways such as:

  • Reducing current operational costs whilst improving overall efficiency.

  • Taking the burden away from your staff and freeing them up to work in other areas of
    the business.

  • Reducing internal costs by providing additional back office and HR support for
    your business.

Benefit from savings for your business.


Whatever type of Payroll you currently process, there are automatic savings available for your business. By outsourcing your Payroll you can reduce your employer liability, creating significant savings on PAYE payrolls.

C.I.S. customers benefit from salary savings and a reduction in internal costs as the cost is passed on to the contractor for a small fee. This delivers a very low cost model to the customer.


Tax is one of the largest single costs for a business. Businesses of all types and sizes are anxious to MINIMISE their TAX LIABILITIES.

There are many PAYE schemes to reduce tax liabilities which primarily benefit the employees and also the employers.

Such ways include: The use of tax and NIC’s efficient payments of benefits/Expanding employee share ownership through approved share savings schemes/The use of salary sacrifice arrangements/The use of workforce management to ensure that optimal hours are allocated across the workforce.

Our Partners’ tax systems are complex and constantly changing, making the set up and administering of these methods highly complex. Not all payroll or workforce
management systems have these capabilities.

The answer in these times of economic pressure is to OUTSOURCE YOUR PAYROLL PROCESSING to take advantage of these schemes and to minimise your tax liabilities. These savings can prove substantial, and in some cases amount to millions of pounds per year. These flexible and tailored services will meet the demands of any organisation's payroll regardless of size, structure, industry, onboarding / termination volatilities and variable pay cycles.

We also put anti-fraud controls in place. And remember, you can commence at any point and terminate at short notice.

What are you waiting for?


By outsourcing your CIS and subcontracting staff this moves the responsibility of the CIS for contractors.

Our partners mitigate the risk for contractors by engaging subcontractors and directly accepting the commercial, legal and tax responsibilities of contracting services protecting the contractor and enabling them to engage subcontractors on a long-term continuous basis.

By taking on the role of a commercial contractor and removes the direct link between a contractor and a subcontractor. Our partners verify the subcontractor with HMRC and engage under professionally vetted and bespoke contracts, always considering the regulatory requirements of a subcontractor's self-employment status.

As a CIS commercial contractor, our partners offer the construction industry the ability to work with subcontractors on a continuous, long-term basis in a safe and legal way.