HR Software

HR is about people, needless and repetitive administration takes the focus away from your people. Using Human Resources Management Software helps bring things back into focus

HRMS software has everything a business needs to streamline Human Resource management.


The more data-driven the world becomes, the more it expects you to become data-informed. Imagine pulling out all the stats you need about your workforce from anywhere at anytime,

Track Time and attendance, the check in and out feature allows attendance/time to be accurately logged from anywhere and is available on web or mobile devices. 

To help businesses become Covid prepared we can offer customers biometric device integration, which includes facial recognition with body temperature checks or biometric thumbprint readers. Enabling ‘self service’ system allows employees to automatically generate the information you need.


Attract the right talent and unlock higher levels of success. Create job posts, engage and track new applicants, manage all interviews with relevant departments and analyse candidates all in one place.

It all starts with a job post. Create detailed and relevant job posts in minutes. Upshots' simple interface makes it easy for HR managers to define all details of an upcoming role and engage all of the relevant team members involved in the hiring process, improving efficiency and communication.


The Activity Tracker is an employee monitoring, productivity and analytics application that helps businesses understand how and what people do at work. This cloud-based user activity monitoring software provides contextual data and insights that enable small to large organisations to be more productive, secure, and compliant. The software is affordable, easy-to-use, and can be up and running in minutes.

This software also provides a dashboard with a consolidated view of the team’s performance against activity and time goals. As a manager or leader, one can review the details at the employee level and at the same time, generate a report at the team level.

Screenshot capture can be randomised every ten minutes to monitor user activity while having the option to blur the screenshot for sensitive data. The team dashboard also provides an organisation level view of who is tracking and who is not.

Individuals can measure their time and activity target by reviewing the intuitive dashboard by the hour and by the day. It is an insight that helps employees to meet the required performance consistently and without any last-minute surprises.

Activity data and insights guide self-management of action during the business hours and at the same time help identify potential burn out.